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Sodexo is a French food service and facilities management company that offers meal pass cards to its dedicated customers. Sodexo is the issuer of a wide range of services including meal pass card, celebrations pass, premium card and cafeteria cards. If you are looking for steps for the Activation of Sodexo Meal Pass Card then you have come to the perfect Destination.

How to Activate Sodexo Card

One can make use of the Sodexo Meal Card to find verity in payment. The credit card showers its owners with benefits such as discounts, bonuses, and prizes. Read below for a detailed guideline of the Sodexo Card Activation.

  • Activation through online:

Step 1: if you want to activate credit card online, the user should go to the card activation page [].

Sodexo Card Activation Guide

Step 2: next, type in your registered email or mobile number, card reference number and Captcha image.

Step 3: now click on the “Get Activation Code” button and you will receive an activation code on the phone or email linked to your Sodexo account.

After a while, your Sodexo Card will be active for use.

  • Activation through a phone 

The customer can activate his/her card through SMS on 9225660070.

While sending the SMS use the following steps- CARD<space>ACT<space>12 digit Card Reference Number Last 4 digits of your Card Number.

Once your card is activated you will get an activation message on your mobile phone. If you are facing any trouble then you can ask for support using the comments section below.

Sodexo Card Login Guide

Step 1– The login portal of Sodexo is developed to offer a wide range of services and ease of information access to the members. For signing in go to the login page [].

Check Sodexo Card Balance

Step 2– Simply enter the Username and Password and click ‘Login’.

Check Sodexo Card Balance

Checking Sodexo Card Balance is not at all difficult. Every time you use the card you receive a balance notification on your mobile phone. Thus, it makes it easy for the cardholders to stay updated with the account balance. In case you do not receive the notification, then you can update your mobile number or speak to the help desk.

Check Sodexo Card Balance Online

Step 1– For checking your Sodexo Card Balance online you need to log into an existing account.

Step 2– On the user management console, there will be the ‘Balance Check’ section. Go to it and your balance will be displayed on the screen.


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