| Save up to $100 using Amex Membership Reward Points

The membership Rewards with Amazon ends on December 23. However, the e-commerce giant can end the rewards as per its terms and conditions before the expiry date. The American Express [] has joined hands with the in order to offer the customers with an exclusive Black Friday deal.

Overview of the American Express Membership Rewards

If you have just been acquainted with the Amex Membership Rewards at Amazon then you have a lot more things to know. The offer is for the customers of the American Express Credit Card who have earned “Membership Reward Points”.

If you have Membership Rewards in your Amex account then you can link it to and shop for products on the e-commerce portal. To redeem the rewards for making purchases on Amazon one must register at the ‘Ship with Points’.

If you have already enrolled then this is a lucky day for you. Simply navigate to and begin shopping for worth your membership rewards.

Amazon American Express Membership Rewards

Save at with American Express Membership Rewards

  • In order to qualify for the exclusive Black Friday Deal, one needs to have the Amex Membership Rewards Points.
  • Your Membership Rewards account must be linked to, for an instance The American Express Platinum Card.
  • It may happen that 1 Amex Membership Rewards can save up to $100.

How to Use the Membership Rewards at

If you are looking forward to using the Amex Membership Rewards for shopping on Amazon then you are just one step away.

Step 1– The user is required to sign into his/her Amazon account.
Step 2- After logging in one needs to follow the guideline to link Membership Rewards account to the Amazon account.

Step 3– Once the accounts are successfully linked you can shop with points.

The reward possibilities are unlimited, thus you might have a great time shopping.


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