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Just receive the Barclaycard Credit Card at your doorstep! It must be a glory time for you as the credit card comes with unlimited perks and incentives. But what to do next? In order to use the credit card for shopping at your favorite destinations, you will be required to activate it. The Barclaycard Credit Card Activation is simple and just requires some basic cardholder information.

Barclay is a London based multinational investment bank and financial services company. It offers its credit services in over 40 countries. Cardholders can use the credit card for financing, paying bills, at grocery shops, dining and more. The post below will show you the easiest way to activate your credit card.

How to Activate Barclaycard Credit Card

There are two methods of Activating a Barclaycard Credit Card. The card holders can activate the credit card online, use the Barclaycard App or Activate through Phone. Here is how to.

Barclaycard Credit Card Activation Options

  1. Activate Barclaycard Credit Card Online
  2. Activate Barclaycard Credit Card via Phone
  3. Activate Barclaycard Credit Card through App

BarclayCard Credit Card Activation Options

  • Activate Barclaycard Credit Card Online:

Step 1: First, to activate your credit card you will be required to go to find the activation information on the card or packet received in the mail.

Step 2: Next, once you are on the activation site of the credit card company [] you will be needed to log into your account.

How Can I Activate my Barclay Credit Card

Step 3: Now, all you require is sign in from your id and register for credit management. Then enter the card and personal details and confirm credit card activation.


  • Activate your credit card through phone:

Now anyone can activate his/her credit card through phone if he/she was not able to activate through online, now you can activate over the phone by following the steps.

Step 1: If you are activating your credit card through phone then you need to dial 00 44 24 7684 2100.

Step 2: Next, select your language from the automated call in order to proceed. Next, the user should enter personal and card details.

Step 3: Now, verify your identity by answering a few security questions and a confirmation message will be sent to the phone number linked to your credit card account.


How to Change your Barclaycard PIN

Change Online

Many users often face trouble in changing their PIN. Now you can change your Barclaycard Credit Card PIN by using the web portal or the ATM service.

Step 1: First, go to the credit card website and click on the “Credit Card” option.

Step 2: Next, you will receive an OTP on your register id, enter the new twice and the bank will activate it for you.


Reset Barclaycard Credit Card PIN using an ATM

Step 1– The PIN can be changed at any ATM. Use the ATM Locator of the Barclaycard to find an ATM Near you.

Step 2– Once you swipe the card you will find an ‘Activate Card’ option on the screen.


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