Chase Vertical Credit Card Review

Thinking about the Chase Vertical Credit Card? The Chase Slate Vertical Credit Card comes with a blueprint feature that allows you to grab complete access over your finances, keep track of your transactions and more. The card is one of the premium credit cards offered by the Chase Bank. It comes with a wide range of benefits and incentives to the customers.

Chase Vertical Credit Cardholders can save from paying interest on statements, divide the balance to ensure that less interest is to be paid on the balance. If you have glanced at the terms and conditions of the credit card then you must be aware that it comes with an impressive annual interest rate and more. Read below for everything related to the Chase Slate Credit Card.

Chase Vertical Credit Card Details

  • The credit card comes with 0% APR for 12 months
  • The Blue Print shows your pay down balance on your terms
  • There is no annual fee charged
  • You can sign up for email and text alerts in order to get real-time updates
  • Enjoy a zero liability on all unauthorized purchases

Chase Slate Credit Card Review

Chase Slate Credit Card Review

The Chase Credit Card lets you monitor your finances as well as enjoy a premium credit usage at no annual charges. Here is why you should choose the Chase Slate Credit Card?

Good For

  • The credit card is issued by the Chase Bank for customers residing in the United States. If you wish to get more than a regular credit card then the Chase Slate Credit Card is a good choice.
  • Customers who have a good credit and a strong income report can enjoy the best APR rate.
  • The credit card comes with a premium blueprint feature that lets you create your own plans.
  • If you are a person who regularly pays off the complete balance each month then you can save from paying interests.

Bad For

  • Customers who have a bad credit might not find the credit card handy as it would come with a high APR.
  • Approval is a little difficult for users who have a low credit.