Citi Priority Credit Card Special Benefits

Citi Priority Credit Card offers a great package to its customers that pack both investment and banking benefits. Named as the Citi Priority Credit Card it is made available to the customers who have an average credit. Furthermore, it comes with a long list of benefits and incentives that are more than a regular Citi Credit Card.

The Citi Priority Credit Card has received a lot of popularity since its launch. Over a couple of months, the sign-up bonus has been increased to 75,000 points on making purchases worth $7,500 in the first three months of activation.

The foremost benefit of obtaining a Citi Priority Credit Card is that it comes with an annual charge of $450 which can be kicked off with a discount of $100 that is offered to both Citi Gold and Citi Priority Customers.


Why Should You Choose the Citi Priority Credit Card?

  • The Citi Priority Credit Card has an ATM withdrawal limit of $2,000 daily. Which is much more than a regular credit card.
  • Customers do not have to pay extra charges for foreign transactions while on an average credit cards charge around 3.0% for a foreign transaction fee.
  • The Citi Priority Credit Card customers are not burdened with overdraft charges and a checking account. While other customers need to pay a fee of $10 for overdraft and a checking account.
  • Priority account holders enjoy a premium interest rate of 12% which is 3% less than a normal customer.

On the contrary, the credit card company charges $30 per month for Priority Membership. With these wide ranges of benefits there comes a fee. However, one can keep away from this fee by maintaining a $50,000 above in Citi assets. You can keep the amount in your investment account, retirement account or Citi savings account.

If the customer does not have $50,000 to keep in his/her Citi account even then the Citi Priority account is not a bad choice. It saves your pockets from those extra over draft fees, money order charges, checkbook re-orders and stop payment.

For non-Priority customers, the above-listed service would cost $5, $10 and $30 which is much more than the Citi Priority Charge. Hence, making the credit card a good choice for you.

Furthermore, the Citi Priority Customers can enjoy an interest rate of 0.25% on personal loans which is very less as compared to the regular interest rate. If you are Priority account holder then you will get early access to mortgage or home equity products. For Citi Priority customers approval of these loan products is also quick and easy.

The Citi Bank Online account management lets the users Log into their Citi Credit Card account anytime and anywhere. Download the Citi Bank Mobile banking application and manage accounts the easier way. Once signed in the user can download account statements, transfer balances, purchase a Citi banking product and access tax documents.