Edmodo Login, Sign Into Student Account | www.edmodo.com

Edmodo offers online education and coaching tools for teachers, students and parents. We have provided Edmodo Sign up and Login information below. The education portal is available in 12 languages and is accessed by millions of individuals.

The online portal of Edmodo is easy to use. However, Edmodo is free to join. Edmodo acts as a great medium of information sharing between teachers and parents. Teachers can share education material and manage communication with parents. While students can join groups, access assignments and more. Read on to find a detailed instruction to the Edmodo Login procedure.

How to Log into www.Edmodo.com

Step 1– Already have an Edmodo student account. In order to sign in the user is required to go to the homepage (emodo.com) of Edmodo and locate the “Login” button, as pictured here.

How to Sign into Edmodo


Step 2– Click on it and a “Login in” section will appear on the screen. Enter your Email or Username and Password in the respective spaces and click “Login”.

How to Log into Edmodo Account


You can also login with your Office 365 or Google account.

Forgot Password

Step 1– In order to reset your Edmodo account password, you must navigate to the account recovery page.

Edmodo Sign in Page

Step 2– Provide your Email or Username below and click the button tagged “Next”.

Once your account is validated you will be sent a new password via email.

Edmodo Mobile Login

Edmodo Applications have made it easy for users to access their account anytime and anywhere. You can find the download links below.




Windows Phone

 How to Register

Teachers, Students, and Parents can sign up for an Edmodo account. The sign-up process is easy, you just need to provide some personal details and you are ready to go. We have explained the sign-up procedure for you.

Step 1– Go to www.emodo.com and scroll down till you find the sign-up buttons. (refer to the picture below)

Edmodo Sign Up


Step 2– Click on the one that applies to you to continue with the sign-up procedure.

How to register as an Edmodo Student Account

If you are a student you want to register as an Edmodo student account, you will be required to enter the following details:

  • First and Last Name
  • Group Code
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Choose a password

How to register as a Teacher On Edmodo

Teachers willing to join Edmodo can register following an easy procedure. To get started you need to type your email address and select a password. Finally, press the green button that says “Sign up for FREE”.

How to Register as a Parent

If you are a Parent you can create an Edmodo account with the help of the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Parent code
  • Email Address
  • Choose a password

Verify your email and you can now access Edmodo!

Edmodo Customer Support

The customer help center of Edmodo is available 24×7. Use this Link to access the support page.