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The File Claim BIG Background Check Class Action | is a settlement for the Michael Kelly v. Business Information Group, Inc. If you are a class member willing to object or opt out of the settlement then you need to do so before October 9, 2018. The settlement has reached $3.3 million which will be constituted by William J. Simmons and Rod M. Fliegel.

The business settlement includes a lot of clues and questions. Howbeit, to go further with the lawsuit and get acquainted with the rights and options you need to select your class which is found at the top of the Notice of Proposed Settlement that you have.  Scroll down to know everything about the Kelly V Big Settlement. Additional Information

  • A settlement of $3.3 million has reached
  • If you are a class member then you can wish to keep off or object to the settlement by October 9, 2018.
  • The hearing is likely to take place on 11/1/2018 in order to discuss on the matter of fact that the settlement is upright or needs to be increased.
  • Rod M. Fliegel and William J. Simmons will represent BIG from the law firm LITTLER MENDELSON PC.

File Claim BIG Background Check Class Action

KellyVBigSettlement Classes

Rule 23(b)(2) Subgroup Class: This class includes members who fall under the Injunctive Relief Class and are subject to the BIG consumer report issued on Dec. 17, 2013, to June 27, 2016. It packed a public record that was extracted from Transunion and where the class member had filed a dispute with BIG quoting the report. This class consists of nearly 88,041 members.

Injunctive Relief Class: Residents of the United States who are eligible with at least one BIG consumer report originated from Transunion dated Dec. 17, 2010, to June 28, 2018, comprise the Injunctive Relief Class.

Automatic Payment Class: This class consists of approximately 865 members which are the least when compared to the other two classes. The automatic payment class is formed of individuals who are legal residents of the United States and are subject to at least one BIG Consumer Report dated Dec. 17, 2013, to June 27, 2016. However, the consumer report consisted of a public report sprung from TransUnion.

KellyVBigSettlement Contact

Mailing Address

Kelly v. BIG Settlement c/o American Legal Claim Services

LLC P.O. Box 23678 Jacksonville, FL 32241-3678

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