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Discovered the Citi Affiliate Program? You can View Citi Products and Affiliates at In order to apply for a Citi Bank Credit Card Balance transfer, you need to get in touch with the bank. However, the credit card company has made it easier for the customers to obtain the balance transfer feature. The user can apply using a telephone, email or via the website of the Citi Bank. Once you eligible for the balancer transfer program you will be enabled to transfer your outstanding balance.

Citi Financial does not let you a balance transfer from other accounts issued by the Citi Bank. Scroll down for all Important Details related to the Citi Balance Transfer Offers.

Citi Bank Balance Transfer Offers

  • Below you can find a detailed list of Citi Affiliates and Products.
  • The customers of the Citi Bank are not enabled to access balance transfer services from other accounts backed by the bank or its affiliates.
  • The list below is not perpetual and is subject to change without prior notice to the customers.

Benefits of Credit Card Balance Transfers

These days credit card companies have come up with attractive offers that often magnify the customer. Howbeit, if you are not yet aware what balance transfers are then here is a detailed explanation. A balance transfer is a service that enables the user to transfer his/her credit balance amount to another. Usually, people use this facility while switching credit card companies ie. Changing from Citi Bank Credit Card to Bank of America Credit Card.

  • Quick and Handy– This is one of the foremost benefits of Citi Bank Credit Card balance transfers. If you are able to abide by the eligibility criteria of the balance transfer of the Citi Bank Credit Card then it will enable the customer to transfer the balance within a short span of time. It would hence let the user pay the current debt easily.
  • Incentives– Credit Card balance transfers come with a wide range of benefits including- no interest that is a marvel to the lender.
  • Multiple Transfers– The Citi Bank balance transfer services allow you to make multiple balance transfers. Hence the borrower can repay debts with the help of the balance transfer facilities.

How to Proceed with Citi Bank Balance Transfer | Transfer Credit Card Balance to Citi Bank Credit Card

This is one of the most common questions people ask when it comes to a balance transfer. Here is how you should go ahead with the process:


In order to proceed with the Citi Bank balance transfer, you need to have a good credit record with the Citi Bank. Once your payment history is timely and prompt you will be eligible to be approved for a balance transfer.

Fund Transfer Modes

You can transfer your credit balance using a demand draft or NEFT. The client is required to enter the details of the other bank’s name, personal details such as name and the number of the bank credit card in with transfer is to be done.

How to Apply for a Citi Bank Balance Transfer Offer

If you are willing to check whether you are eligible for a Citi Bank balance transfer or apply then you must call on the customer help desk- 1860 210 2484.

The customer care executives are available at your service all 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Citi Bank Balance Transfer FAQ’s

  1. My Citi Credit Card limit is $7000 but I have a credit card bill of $8500 on another credit card. Am I eligible to transfer the complete balance 85,000 to my Citi Bank Credit Card?

$7000 can be transferred from your other credit card to Citi Credit Card. However, you can urge Citi Bank to provide a credit limit appraisal.

  1. How much time will it take in order to transfer credit card balance from one bank to my Citi Bank account?

To proceed with the Citi Bank balance transfer you need to file a request and this will take at least 3 days.

  1. How am I eligible to apply for a Citi Bank Credit Card balance transfer?

For applying for a Citi Bank Credit Card balance transfer you must have a good repayment record with the Citi Bank.

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