How to Convert Blogger to Android App

Are you looking forward to Convert Blogger to Android App? Earning revenue is an essential part of Blogging, as it is what pays for your domain, hosting and other subscription charges. If you are simply dependent on your blog it might not fetch you a fortune that meets all your blogging needs. Therefore, you might have thought of bringing your blog to the Play Store. This would surely be handy in boosting your web analytics and bringing your business to a new level of exposure.

Bloggers often hang out towards converting their blog hosted on ‘Blogger’ to Android App. If you are one of them then you do not require to be an expert on coding there are some applications that would ease the task.

Now let us discuss the need of converting your blog into Android App. Since mobile apps have come into use people have been using it for growing their website traffic and increasing user awareness. Furthermore, search engines such as Google also wants that your blog is on the Google Play Store. This enables the search engine giant to better index your pages and showers your blog with plenty of other benefits.

How to Convert Blog to App | Blog App Maker

Once you think of Converting Blog to Android App a lot of codes and HTML tags hiccup your mind. Most people think that developing a mobile app requires a huge technical knowledge and coding information. However, to convert a blog into a mobile application there are a lot of apps that let you launch your blog to the Play Store. Read on to know whether converting your blog to the app is helpful.

As a coin has two sides getting a blog to the Play Store has drawbacks and well as advantages. Here we will discuss everything related to converting a blog to app.

Blog App Maker for Converting your Blogger Blog into App

App Geyser

Blog App Maker

If you are craving to convert your blog into an Android app then the App Geyser is the swiftest way. It can help you turn your blogger blog into an App without any hassle. The tool is quite functional as it packs a user-friendly console. You can simply tap on the ‘Getting Started’ button and you will be guided through the procedure. Furthermore, with the help of App Geyser, you can place ads on your app and earn money from it.

Here are some of the benefits of the App Maker:

  • The App Geyser is completely free to use; therefore, you would not be worried about high subscription price charts.
  • It is one of the quickest options for developing an Android App from your Blogger blog.
  • The user can preview the app before they press the ‘Publish’ button.

App Yet

How to Convert Blogger to Android App

This app maker is prominently for users who have no idea about codes or programming. App Yet is one of those apps that let the users develop an app without much hassle. Most of the users who are in search of ways on How to Convery Blogger to Android App are people who have no knowledge about codes. Thus, App Yet would be extremely helpful for those folks. Moreover, one can customize the application using the RSS feed developer section found at the backend. Thus, you can enlarge the app it required hiring a developer.

Here are some of the advantages of the app that makes it’s a good choice:

  • Using the App Yet one can create multiple apps from blogs.
  • The user can sign up for Mobile Notification feature and take advantage of it.
  • There are social handles, tags and navigational items that allows the user the make the app more functional.
  • The App can be launched into the Play Store and other App Stores.

App Makr

How to Convert Blog to App

If you are planning to choose the App Makr for turning your Blogger App into Android App then the App Makr would probably be a good choice. It has awesome tools that allow you to connect to host networks such as YouTube, Facebook, and other social media networks.

Some of the features of the App Makr are as follows:

  • The AppMakr has customization options that is one of the prominent benefits of the app creator tool. Thus, you can use it for expansion by hiring a professional who is an expert with codes and programming.
  • A single account can be used to create a myriad of free apps.
  • You can preview the apps that you have created using the tool.

While discussing the negative sides of the App Makr tool we found that it has obsolete default icons. However, it lets you upload icons of your choice. There are some issues with monetization. For monetization feature, you need to upgrade account using the annual subscription plan.


Convert your Blog to Android App

If you are looking for more options to develop an app from your blogger blog then this is one of the options worth considering.

Read on to know some of the distinct features of this app:

  • Creating an Android app from this app is easy as you do not have to go through too much hassle.
  • This app maker is associated with a lot of affiliate networks such as Amazon and Facebook. Thus, you can use these for monetization.
  • One can connect it with Google Analytics and track every activity on your app.
  • It allows the user to connect the app to multiple apps.

As per an honest review, you need to spend money to get the premium version of the Andromo. The free account does not support monetization. The customization options of the app maker are too less and there are no preview options available.

Drawbacks of Converting a Website into Android Application

Converting a Website into Android Application

Well, converting a website into Android Application has some negative effects on your blog. Therefore, you need to think twice before as it may have some adverse effects on your website traffic and ranking.

Mostly, blog visitors like to use their smartphones for browsing. They would love your mobile app instead of visiting your blog. This would tend to decrease your blog traffic which will result in the downfall of traffic, monetization and website ranking.

Furthermore, Google will consider your blog as not worthy and will snatch away its authority. The mobile app would also reduce your returning visitors and the backlinks to your blog would be of no use. In some cases, mobile apps have negative effects on the ranking and indexing of a blog.

Other major drawbacks of Convert Blogger to Android App is that a Mobile App does not feature a comments section. Therefore, users would not be able to interact with the admin and other users to find a better solution to their answers.

The analytics of the mobile apps are not functional towards tracking page views and visitors. It may also happen that your mobile app would not fetch you as much fortune as your blog. Therefore, if would turn into a bad choice.

Lastly, one of the most negative impacts can be on the monetization. The Ad placing and other monetization techniques on a mobile app are different when compared to a blog. If you monetize your mobile app it may not be able to fetch your more earning that before.

We recommend you to practically think before you Convert Blogger to Android App. Keep in mind all the parameters and take a decision.

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