How to Delete your League of Legends Account

League of Legends Account cannot be deleted directly but you can disable your account which is equivalent to account deletion. Once you have deactivated your account Riot Games takes 15 days to process your deletion request. League of Legends is a multiplayer game that is loved by millions of players worldwide. However, sometimes the users feel that they have played too much of the game or wish to keep off the gaming portal.

If you are tired of using LOL you may be willing to delete your account. Once you delete your account all the data will be permanently erased and access to your account will be restricted. After deactivating your account you will be unable to attempt a login session, so think before you proceed with the account deletion procedure.

Users who change their mind after they have deactivated their account must instantly respond to the ticket. Your League of Legends account will be saved if you respond within 5 days of account deactivation.

How to Delete LOL Account

  • To begin with, the account deletion procedure the user must send Riot Games a ticket using this URL.
  • You will now find a sign in section. Sign in to your account to go further with the process.

League of Legends Account Deletion


  • Now you need to click on the “Choose a Request” section located at the center and choose “I have a question about my League of Legends/Riot Games”.
League of Legends Delete Account

League of Legends Delete Account

  • In the next step the user will be required to provide the following details on the request form:
  1. Account Name
  2. Summoner Name
  3. Server on which you access LOL
  4. Email Address linked to your account
  5. Last IP address used
  6. Location (City and Country)
  7. Internet Service Provider
  8. Select whether you have purchased RP on this account
  • Once you have completed filling the ticket form click on the button tagged “Submit”. Keep patience for 15 days and your account will be permanently deleted.