How to Fix Index Coverage Issues Detected in Google Webmaster Tools

Are you aware of the new updated Google Search Console? The version is known is Beta. It comes with a horde of up to the minute features that enables webmasters to comprehend into their website and peep whether their site has everything that positively effects ranking and SEO. One of the major problems that negatively affect SEO for webmasters is the New Index Coverage Issue Detected. If all of a sudden you signed into your Google Search Console and found a featured section for the Index Coverage Issue then we have a detailed guide to how to Fix Index Coverage Issue in Google Search Console.

How to Fix Google Search Console Index Coverage Issue

With the update to the Beta version of the Google Search Console, the search engine giant has sent an email to every webmaster whose site is adversely affected by the issue. If you have received this email then Google must have detected a URL of your website tagged as ‘noindex’. The email requires a quick attention. Scroll down to read how can the No Index Error be fixed and Fix Google Search Console Index Coverage Issue.

While having more insight into the error we found that it may affect your website’s ranking and also have adverse effects on your page indexing. It may take some time to fix this bug, so grab a cup of coffee and read the tutorial below.

Index Coverage Issues

Open your Google Webmaster Console

  1. To get started with the fixing of the No Index Coverage Issue the user is required to sign into his/her google search console account (
  2. Now you need to navigate to the ‘Status’ section then Index Coverage.
  3. In the Coverage Section click on the URL that is tagged as ‘No Index’.

Dive Deep into the Google Search Console Index Coverage Issue

After you have glanced at the Google Webmaster tools console it is time for analyzing the issue. Google offers the users multiple options that allow the users to fix the no index error. Read below for options to find the best solutions.


  1. Test Robots Txt– The txt. of your website might be blocking Google and other search engines to index the web pages. Check whether your txt. file has no issue and enables search engines to index pages.
  2. Fetch as Google– The webmaster can also use the “Fetch as Google” feature to allow the web pages to be fetched through the Google Bots.
  3. Meta Robots Txt– It may be that the meta robots’ tags of your site may be tagged in the improper way. Check whether your web pages have a nofollow, or noindex in the meta robot option section. If your site is prey to such error then Google will not be allowed to fetch the pages. To ensure that your site has no txt errors remove the tags and check once again.
  4. Fetch and Render- If you do not discover any such errors then you might wait for Google to automatically index your pages.

How to Use the Yoast SEO Plugin to Resolve the No Index Issue

If you are a WordPress user then you might find the Yoast SEO plugin handy. It can assist you to solve the index coverage issues on your website. A majority of the bloggers use WordPress as their blogging partner. Yoast SEO indeed takes care of the SEO requirements of one’s website.

  1. For getting started with the troubleshooting the user needs to Log into the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Move to the posts section and tap on the Gear Icon.
  3. In the next step, the user will be required to search for the option that reads “Allow search engines to display this post in search results”.
  4. Select ‘Yes’ and repeat this action for all posts that are affected by the No Index issue.

Fix Google Search Console Index Coverage Issue

It is recommended that you navigate to the Yoast SEO plugin settings and change the setting for all the pages. This will automatically let search engines index your pages.


No Index trouble has been into view since the release of the new Beta version of the Google Search Console. The search engine giant has always come up with innovating in technology. The recently released version of the search console might be handy in dealing with the No Index issue.