How to Log into SoundCloud

The music streaming site does now require a mandatory login. However to upload music and explore more features you need to log in.  SoundCloud lets its users check free trending songs, choose and play their favorite music, record music, share and promote their own music track and upload their own music track. It was founded by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss with the primary objective of helping musicians share their audio tracks with each other.

Over 350 people enjoy their favorite songs on SoundCloud every month worldwide. It is easy to log into SoundCloud, users can log in using their Facebook, Google or profile URL. Read on to find a detailed explanation of the SoundCloud login procedure.

How to sign into SoundCloud

Step 1– Existing members of SoundCloud must go to the sign homepage. Look for the ‘sign in’ section at the center of the web page.

how to sign in soundcloud

Step 3– Enter the password in the respective space and you are successfully logged in.

Forgot Password

Lost your account login password? Follow the password reset instructions below to retrieve your account.

Step 1– Proceed to the ‘sign in homepage‘ of Sound Cloud and click on the “Need help?” link found at the bottom right of the sign in section, as it appears in the picture below.

SoundCloud Log In

Step 2– Select a ‘sign in’ problem which applies to you the f the requested information.

SoundCloud Forgot Password

How to Create SoundCloud Account

Willing to create a SoundCloud account? You can use your social networking account or email account to join the music streaming site. You can register using the sign in page and begin using SoundCloud.

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