How to Use a PHP 7 Compatibility Checker? Which Web Hosting Supports It?

Are you aware of a PHP 7 Compatibility Check? If ‘yes’ then I do not need to provide an intro else it is the best boon WordPress could have been showered with. WordPress has been working with PHP for a long time. However, the latest version of the PHP has added to the ease and comfort of the content management system. As WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL running of the themes and plugins would require a compatibility check on the PHP 7. Therefore, we have mentioned a complete guide to the PHP 7 Compatibility Checker.

Importance of the PHP 7 Compatibility Checker

The newly launched version of the PHP is a great tool that is handy for the smooth running of a website powered by WordPress. PHP 7 requires the web admins to ensure if their existing code matches up. It is important that you take a handful of safety measures as it is a basic change for your website.

There are some chances that your host partner would not enable you to upgrade to the PHP 7 version. Yet upgrading would mean taking a backup of all website data and make sure if reverting is possible. If you find that your website theme and plugins are not working well on the PHP 7 version then it is recommended that you change your host.

You can check out some top hosts that support PHP7.

Benefits of the WordPress PHP 7

I have often noticed users who are petrified of using updates as these sometimes lead of a malfunction or bring in bugs. Or sometimes they are not aware of the launch of the newer version of the software. Whatever the reason may be PHP 7 is all set to shower WordPress users with a bundle of benefits. Read on to know.

  • After you upgrade to the 7 version you will find a massive increase in the performance of your website. The performance boost makes the upgrade worth.
  • PHP 7 works well with the 64-bit OS. Earlier Windows users had been facing some issued for their servers but since the upgrade, it is easily accessible through a Windows-powered device.
  • WordPress now officially recommends the use of the PHP 7 version.

WordPress PHP 7 Compatibility Check

In order to go further with the PHP version, you need to check whether your themes and plugins are compatible with the new version. There are a few methods using which you can check the compatibility of your website.

PHP Compatibility Checker from WP Engine

The PHP Compatibility from the WP Engine is, of course, the foremost option available to check the compatibility of a website. To get started the user is required to install it on his/her WordPress site and run it to know whether your site is compatible with the latest version. It is recommended that you use this checker before installing the PHP 7 on your site.

Here is How to Use a PHP 7 Compatibility Checker:

Step 1– To begin the user is required to log into their WordPress account. Next, install the PHP Compatibility Checker and activate it.

How to Use a PHP 7 Compatibility Checker

Step 2– Next you need to expand it using the menu then choose PHP Compatibility. You can navigate to the scan options then choose the version of PHP you wish to check the compatibility for.

Step 3– Select the themes and plugins you wish to check compatibility and finally hit the ‘Scan Site’ button.

Once the scan is completed you can view the report and check for the errors to fix.

PHPStorm IDE for PHP 7 Compatibility Check

Integrated Development Environment is primarily developed for coding in PHP. Howbeit, it is not free you can sign up for a free 30-day trial. The licensed version of the software costs $89 onwards every year. If you are looking for other options to check PHP 7 compatibility of your website then you may consider using the PHPStrom IDE.

Step 1– To begin you need to download the PHP 7 IDE from the website of the Jet Brains.

Benefits of the WordPress PHP 7

Step 2– The simple menu options highlight the codes that are incompatible with the newer version.

At the verdict-

Well, you might be aware of the advantages of using the PHP 7. No one can deny the fact that it is an upswing from its earlier versions. If you are a WordPress user then you must make the fullest use of the PHP 7. Use the guide here for a PHP 7 Compatibility Check. We will be glad if you let us know your queries and problems through the comments section below.

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