Linode vs. Digital Ocean- Which one is Better

Are you looking for the most searched query “Linode vs Digital Ocean“? Most of the people have a hard time choosing a web hosting provider. Hosting plays a very important role when you are looking forward to building a website or online security. But when it comes to choosing a hosting partner the first two names that come into mind are Linode and Digital Ocean.

What next? There comes a major question reading whichever to choose. Gone are those days when developers used to depend on a single server. Now we have a myriad of hosting service providers which can be more fruitful. Due to the high popularity of these cloud hosting companies, many people urge to choose them as their web hosting partner. I have provided a close comparison of Linode and Digital Ocean. Once you read this post your search for the Linode vs. Digital Ocean query would surely come to a halt!

Overview of Linode

Linode is a U.S based virtual private server provider which claims to offer you are a server that gets going instantly. The company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, United States and is quite popular among web developers.

Primarily Linode provides high-performance SSN Linux servers that meet infrastructure requirements. The virtual private server lets you have super level access i.e. you can install any software that runs on that operating system.

Digital Ocean Overview

On the other hand, the Digital Ocean is a well-known cloud hosting provider which has a decent price tag. The services offered by the cloud computing provider are flexible and enable the user a guaranteed 99% uptime.

With Digital Ocean you can efficiently manage cloud applications on single or multiple virtual machines. With the help of the cloud portal, an individual can manage infrastructure for business.

Linode vs. Digital Ocean

In a nutshell, both of the providers are leading in their segments as they offer some unique features that make you fall in love with each of them. However, at the bottom line, one would find anyone the duo more functional and handy. Read below for a detailed comparison of Linode and Digital Ocean.

The duo provides a standard set of plans such as high memory options that range from 16 GB to 200 GB of RAM. Being more specific, Linode offers up to 200 GB of memory while Digital Ocean features a high CPU choice. The CPU quantities are serviced by computing oriented hardware. Howbeit, I would leave those specific features for the detailed comparison table below.


Linode vs Digital Ocean 


Digital Ocean vs Linode Comparision 

Digital Ocean

Better Business Bureau Rating– B- A+
Support Available– You can get in touch via phone, live chat, training To contact the support use phone, live support, ticket and chat
Location of Data Centre/ Server– Fremont, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, New Jersey, London, California, Tokyo, United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, Germany, and Frankfurt am Main. San Francisco, Amsterdam, London, Singapore, Toronto, and Frankfurt.
Price Per Month– Available from $5.00 per month Plans start from $5.00 as well
Unlimited Data Transfer- No starting from 1 TB No from 1 TB
Unlimited Emails– N/A N/A
Hosting Interface– Linode Interface Digital Ocean Interface
Multiple Domain Hosting– Available Available
Money back Guarantee– 1 month 1 month
Server Uptime– 99.90% 99.99%
Dedicated Hosting Availability– Only Cloud Hosting is made available Only cloud hosting
Bright Sides 

  • Linode is a leader when it comes to quality. It leads the segment with the latest technology and great user support.
  • The upgrades offered by Linode are free. Hence, do not burn a hole in the users’ pockets. Upgrades at the Linode are also fast and automatic.

  • Digital Ocean Hosting is quick due to the high SSD used. It takes a scanty 55 seconds to spin your server.
  • The benchmark scores are too high in comparison with other hosting providers.
  • Digital Ocean servers come without any cost unlike other hosting provides which charge an extra amount for providing a static IP.
Dark Sides 

  • The pricing plans of Linode are quite hurting. They charge you hourly topped up with monthly caps billing plan.

  • If you are an intermediate or beginner then you would find cloud hosting a bit quirky.
Extra Bonuses 

  • There is an extra SSD server available for better performance. Furthermore, the 40Gbit network and 40Gbps throughput processor is enough to offer you the best speed.

  • The basic or the most inexpensive plan comes at a cost of $5 which is almost a trifle.
  • The droplet includes 1GB RAM and 2GB SSN store option.

Bottom Line

After reading the complete comparison of Linode vs. Digital Ocean we concluded with Linode as the winner. This is because the hosting provider offers the latest technology products with allegiance to providing the best quality hosting.

Digital Ocean too has a good reputation out there. As per my opinion, it is unable to keep up with high-quality hardware and responsive customer help desk for which Linode wins the battle.

Although Linode is expensive than Digital Ocean some user have reported it to be better than the other one.

Seems like your search for the Linode vs. Digital Ocean has come to an end here. If you need further support on getting the best web host you can get in touch with our team using the comments section below.