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PICS Inventory Login portal is developed for the customers of the Phyle Inventory Specialists. If you are authorized to log in you can go to login.picsinv.com/Login and enter the credentials there. Logging in is easy, you can access the PICS Inventory Login page via any internet connected smartphone, tablet or computer. Once the website opens one will be able to sign in and access account.

Company Overview

PICS Inventory or Phyle Inventory is an efficient and effective service provider that enables to offer all the inventory information in the system. The dedicated teams have allowed access to inventories over 38 states. The records offered by PICS let the customers successfully launch their business.

How to Log into PICS Inventory Account

Step 1– If you wish to access your PICS Inventory account you need to go to the PICS Inventory Login page.

pics inventory login

Step 2– Type in the username and password linked to your account and click on the “Log In” button below.

You can check the ‘Remember Me’ button if you wish to the browser to save your account for 30 days.

Table of Contents

Forgot your PICS Inventory Password

Step 1– Customers who have forgotten their account login password need to go to the login page. Click on the link that reads ‘Forgot your Password’.

How to Log into PICS Inventory Account

Step 2– Enter the user login id in the white box and click ‘Continue’. Else the user can call on 888-303-8482.

PICS Inventory Login page

Need Help with User Login

If you are a PICS/Muscolino employee unable to find your user id then you need to use your employee number in place of user id.


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