Logout of Instagram Online on a PC or Mac Device

Instagram still remains the most popular image and video sharing application used by millions of users worldwide. Using Instagram one can share photos and videos privately or publicly. You can access your Instagram account on a PC, Mac, iOS, Windows or Android device with an active web connection.

If you are using your Mac or PC to manage multiple Instagram accounts, access your account on your friend’s device or share your device with other people, then you must log out of your Instagram account. As more and more people are using Instagram the need for logging out increases.

Here you can find a step by step explanation of How to Log out of Instagram Online.

Table of Contents

How to Log out 

Step 1– Navigate to the web browser on your device. Enter Instagram.com in the address bar and wait for the photo-sharing site to open.

Step 2– Look for the profile icon at the top right corner of the web page, as it appears in the picture below.

Instagram How to Log out on a PC or Mac

Step 3– Now Instagram will direct you to the profile page. Tap on the “Settings” icon located just below the “Edit Profile” button to go further with the log out procedure.

Step 4– In the next step, a new section will be displayed on the screen. At the bottom of it, there will be the “Log Out” button.

How to Log out of Instagram

How to Log out of Instagram

Click on it and you will be successfully signed out of your Instagram account.

How to Change Password

Step 1– Willing to change your Instagram account password? Open the Instagram web or application and navigate to the settings section if you are using the Instagram web, Android and iOS users will find the “Change Password” button under the “Options” tab, as shown below.

Instagram Log out Steps for PC and Mac

Step 2– To set a new password you need to enter the following information:

  • Current Password
  • New Password
  • Confirm New Password

Change Instagram Account Password

Instagram Help

For further assistance, users must feel free to open the Instagram help page using this URL.