McDonalds Arch Card Review- Is it Worth Obtaining?

The has issued the McDonalds Arch Card which is no different than a gift card. These days a lot of food and beverage companies are offering gift cards to their loyal customers using which they can grab their favorite dishes from the fast food chains. McDonalds Arch Card comes loaded with exciting features that are a lot more than a regular promotional card.

In this post we will be discussing the following points:

  • What is the McDonalds Arch Card?
  • How to Reload the McDonalds Arch Card.
  • Check McDonalds Arch Card Balance.
  • How can one get Food using the Arch Card?

What is the McDonalds Arch Card?

The McDonalds Arch Card is a gift card that is issued by the fast food chain for its regular customers. If you are a frequent visitor at the McDonalds then the Arch Card is a must for you. It lets you enjoy savings while enjoying treats. The card comes showered with $5, $10, $25 and $50 which can be redeemed anytime as per the user’s wish.

To use the McDonalds Arch Card you need to visit a store nearby and show it at the cash counter. Now you can purchase anytime that it below or within the balance on your Arch Card. This is how the card works.

Now you might be thinking that how is the McDonalds Arch Card different from other gift cards! The card packs quite more than any regular promotion card or a gift card. Reloading it is simpler and the customers also get 24×7 online account management facilities.

How to Reload the McDonalds Arch Card

Reloading the McDonalds Arch Card is quite easy. Here is how to.

Step 1– In order to reload the Arch Card the customer needs to open the webpage of McDonalds Arch Card and click on the button tagged ‘Reload your Card’ or you can directly open

How to Reload the McDonalds Arch Card

Step 2– Enter the Username and Password. Click ‘Login’ and you will be taken to the user management console. Use the ‘Reload Card’ option there to add balance to your Arch Card.

How to Check Balance of McDonalds Arch Card

Step 1– For checking the balance of your Arch Card you need to keep your 16 digit card number handy. Visit and you will find a section labeled ‘Check your Gift Card Balance’.

How to Check Balance of McDonalds Arch Card

Step 2– Enter the McDonalds Arch Card Number and hit the red ‘Check Balance’ button. Your balance will now be displayed on the screen.

McDonalds Arch Card Customer Service

For assistance, the Arch Cardholder can call on 800-244-6227.

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