, Find a Job, Delete a Resume

The Monster‘s resources let users create a killer resume, search for jobs, prepare for interviews, and launch your career. Because individuals are always in a state of utter confusion while seeking a job, I have provided a detailed information on How to find a job on Monster and Monster review. I have been a part of the Monster job for the past years. The job portal is extremely user-friendly and offers a review of company profiles.

More the job portal is friendly to your chances of finding a job is more and more. You have to submit an impressive resume and the more job approvals you will receive. Till now I was talking about job seekers, Monster also provides employers with enough space where they can post their job advertisements and get their task done.

As people are getting online, the use of online job portals has increased more and more. Find Monster review and how to find a job, how to create a Monster account and Monster Login. If you have already found a job, you can delete your resume and deactivate your profile.

Monster Jobs Review


  • Monster Jobs is great and provides a secure environment to work.
  • The job portal is friendly with the employees and takes care of their concerns.
  • The payment tools are good and you get the payment on time.
  • Colleagues are trained to be helpful and you get good incentives.


  • The upper management is not so prompt, i.e. you won’t get instant replies to your queries.
  • A low market value in Gulf sales.
  • The company pushes its employees for sales through the appraisals are poor.

How to Find the Job that’s right for you

Step 1– To find a job at Monster you need to visit At the center of the web page, you will find the section that lets you search for jobs.

Step 2– Enter the keyword, title or company in the first box then add a location. Find Job

Step 3– Hit the ‘Search” button and Monster will direct you to a new web page that displays a list of related job searches. Tap on the one you find the best and you are ready to apply.

Monster for Employers

If you are looking for someone to get your work done, Monster can help you. Read below to post job advertisements and find the required talent.

Step 1– Open the homepage of Monster ( and navigate to the top right corner that shows a button tagged “Employers”.

Monster Jobs Review
Step 2– Now you will be directed to a new webpage. Here you can provide details of your company and complete the step 1 with the following:

  • Add a job title
  • Location
  • Company Name
  • Company Size

Monster Delete a Resume

Step 3– Tap on the “Continue” button and complete your ad.

How to Create a Monster Account

To create a Monster account you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1– Open the sign-up page and complete the below-mentioned steps:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Click the “Yes” option if you are willing to receive an email containing updates and job opportunities.
  • Click “Yes” to get the Monster promotions and partner offers.

How to Create a Monster Account

Step 2– Tap “Register” and your account will be created.

Now you can find a job or post a job advertisement on Monster!


How to Delete a Resume

if you no longer need your resume to be on Monster you can delete it following some easy steps:

Step 1- Sign into your account and navigate to the ‘Resume’ section.

Step 2- Beside each resume, you will find a “Delete” button. Click on it and confirm the deletion by clicking on the ‘OK” button.

Now your resume will be deleted from your Monster Account!

How to Delete Monster Account

Got a Job? If you have got your dream job and no longer wish to use your Monster Job account, you can easily delete it. Once you delete your account you will stop receiving promotional emails from Monster.

Step 1– Log into your account and go to the settings section or you can directly go to the setting page using this Link.

Step 2– At the bottom of the web page, there will be the “Cancel Membership” button. Tap on it and your account will be deleted.