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My Milestone Credit Card is a Gold MasterCard issued in partnership with the Bank of Missouri which was formerly known as the Mid America Bank & Trust Company. The credit card helps the users shop with much ease and manage their finances the easier way. The credit card is an awesome choice even if you have a bad credit.

Furthermore, when it comes to subprime credit cards the Milestone Gold MasterCard is the best choice. Despite it has a high annual charge the credit card requires no security and can be approved easily. The credit card is not worth for ones who hate paying a high amount of annual fee. Read on for My Milestone Credit Card Review.

My Milestone Credit Card Review


The applicant can Pre-Qualify for the Milestone Credit Card in order to determine whether you are eligible for application. mentions that you can check eligibility for obtaining a My Milestone Credit Card and this would have no impact on your credit score. After you fill out a pre-approval form at the website of the Milestone Gold MasterCard you will be displayed the results.

Suppose if you are approved for the credit card, the company would provide you with a minimum credit limit of $300 which is based on your credit line.

While discussing the drawbacks of the credit card we found that it charges an additional annual fee when you add an authorized user. Thus, you would end up getting into more debt instead of on enjoying the credit services.


The Milestone Credit Card charges an annual fee of $35, $59 or $75 which is variable as per your creditworthiness. To get the exact annual charge you need to wait until approval.

If you are approved and the annual charge for usage is $75 then after the first year the credit card company would charge $99 as an annual fee. It is recommended that you can go for the My Milestone Credit Card if you wish to build a credit record else do not apply for it as you can find better options that ask for a low annual fee.

Minimum Monthly Payment

Minimum Payment is one of the foremost factors one looks into a credit card. The Milestone Gold MasterCard has set up a minimum monthly payment of 7% or $35 on the balance whichever is greater. This is obviously higher than other credit cards and even its competitors. One might consider it in a positive manner as it helps you to get rid of your dues faster.

As it is a great habit to pay your credit card bills in full each month, the minimum payment would not be considered for not choosing the Milestone Credit Card as your credit companion.

Respond to the Milestone Credit Card pre-approved Mail Offer

Step 1– Have you received the Milestone Credit Card offer in the mail? If ‘yes’ then you need to go to the pre-approval website of the Milestone Credit Card.

Respond to the Milestone Credit Card pre-approved Mail Offer

 Step 2– Next the user needs to enter the Milestone Acceptance Code and Zip Code to get started. Provide the information thereafter and receive the credit card. Login

Step 1– Go to and you will find the login section at the top of the webpage.

My Milestone Credit Card Review

Step 2– Type in your username and password and click ‘Log In’ to access account.

Milestone Credit Card Customer Service

Call–  866-453-2636

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