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Rockstar Games Social Club is an online gaming platform powered by Rockstar Games, Inc.  At the Social Club, one can play games and take part in social events. Rockstar Games is well known for Grand Theft Auto, Midnight Club, Red Dead, Manhunt and Max Payne.

These games series are available at If you have already registered at Rockstar Games Social Club you can access your account using Facebook, PlayStation Network, Twitter, Live Connect and Google Account. Once logged in you can browse the finest games, share game snaps on the social network, explore your friend’s crew and view online events. I have personally spent a lot of time at the gaming portal. Here are some tips that will help you log in and resolve account issues at Rockstar Games Social Club.

How to log into Rockstar Games Social Club

Step 1– The Rockstar Games login homepage can be accessed here, Link.

Rockstar Games Social Club Login

Step 2– To go ahead with the login you need to enter the Nickname/Email and Password in the white boxes and press “Sign In”.

Rockstar Games Login

Check the “Keep me signed in” button if you wish the browser to remember your account for the next login session.

Forgot Password

Lost account login password? Follow the steps mentioned below to resolve your account related problems.

Step 1– Go to the login homepage of Rockstar Social Club then look for the “Forgot your password?” link. (Users can use this direct Link to go to the password reset page).

Rockstar Games Social Club Forgot Password

Step 2– Rockstar Club requires the email address linked to your account. Click the button tagged “Send Request” and check your email inbox for a password reset email.

Rockstar Games Social Club Forgot Password 2

Rockstar Games Social Club Mobile Applications

The Social Club mobile applications are available for all android, windows, and ios powered devices. Click on the links below to download the application compatible with your mobile device.





How to Create a Social Club Account

Willing to join Social Club? You can sign up using your social media accounts or provide the requested personal information on the sign-up form.

Step 1– Visit the sign-up page of Social Club. Scroll down and you will find the sign-up section.

Step 2– Complete the blank spaces with the following details:

  • Nickname
  • Email
  • Password
  • Retype Password
  • Date of Birth
  • Country

Rockstar Games Create Account

Step 3– Type the text that appears in the picture below, check the box below if you wish to receive notifications from Rockstar Social Club and click “Create Account”.

Rockstar Games Social Club Create Account

Rockstar Social Club Support

For more assistance, you must feel free to visit the support page.