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Salesforce Login platform enables the users to manage account and access the cloud computing services. It is a U.S. based cloud computing company offering a wide range of products for sales, marketing, community, analytics, platform and applications, and commerce.

Customers of Sales Cloud, Salesforce IQ, and Salesforce Quote-to-Cash can access their account at Logging into your account you can manage contacts, enhance your sales and more. You can log into your account via any mobile or computer supported browser. Read the instructions provided below to log into your Salesforce account.

Salesforce Login

Step 1– Customers of Salesforce must click here Link to visit the homepage. Click on the “Login” button located at the top right of the webpage.

Salesforce Login

Step 2– Enter your Username and Password in the blank spaces. Click “Log In” and you will be directed to the online account management console.

Salesforce Sign In

Forgot Password

Unable to log in? If you have lost your login credentials, we are here to assist you through the account recovery.

Step 1– Visit the password reset page of Salesforce.

Step 2– At the center of the screen, you will find the “Forgot Password” section. Provide your Username in the blank space and click “Continue”.

Salesforce Forgot Password

For more assistance check out the password reset video.

How to Create a Salesforce Account

If you are wishing to use Salesforce, sign-up for a free 30 days trial. The ‘sign-up’ portal of Salesforce features a shorts form that just requires your personal information. Read below to find a detailed guideline to the sign-up procedure.

Step 1– Open the sign-up page of Salesforce.

Step 2– Enter the following information to get started with the sign-up procedure:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Company
  • Employees
  • Postal Code
  • Language

Salesforce Create Account

Step 3– Check the blank space below if you agree to the Master Subscription Agreement. Click the “start free trial” button and you are ready to go.

Salesforce Login for Android Devices

Android users should click here Link to download the Salesforce application from the google play store.

Salesforce Login for iOS

iPhone or iPad users can download the Salesforce mobile application from the iTunes store using this Link.

Customer Help Team

The Salesforce customer help team is available 24 hours a day.

Call: 000 800 001 6000