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Did you receive the Total Visa Credit Card Credit Invitation | If ‘yes’ then today is a lucky day for you. The Total Visa Credit Card has issued the pre-approved offer for its loyal customers. If you are eligible for the credit card offer you will receive the invitation in the mail. The credit card company has sent the Preapproved Total Credit Card Offer to the customers who have been pre-screened for the credit offer based on the credit reports of the credit bureaus.

Users who have received a mail from the Pre-Approved Total Visa can apply using the Pre-Approved Total Reservation Code. Read below for a detailed explanation of How to Accept the Total Visa Credit Card Pre-Approved Offer.

Pre-Approved Total Rewards Visa Accept Offer

Step 1– It is easy to apply for your Total Visa Credit Card. Visit the webpage of the Pre-Approved Total and you will find the acceptance section below.

Pre Approved Total Visa Credit Card Offer

Step 2– Now the user is required to enter the Reservation Code in the empty box and click on the button that reads ‘Continue’.

Step 3– Next one will be required to fill out the application form and submit.

After a period of time, the Total Rewards Visa will send your credit card through the mail.

Activate Total Visa Credit Card

If you have received the Total Visa Credit Card in the mail you need to activate it for making purchases. Here is how to Activate the Total Visa Credit Card.

Step 1– Go to the activation page of the Total Visa. Or simply click on the ‘Activate Your Card’ button found on the

Total Visa Credit Card Credit Invitation

Step 2– Next the website will feature an activation section. Enter your Birth Date and Application ID which was sent by email.

Once the required information is entered click ‘Submit’ for activation.

Total Visa Credit Card Review

The Total Visa Credit Card is issued for credit card customers who have a low credit. The credit card is in the line of demand despite having a broad array of extra charges such as processing fee, monthly fee, and other such uncommon charges. Furthermore, the credit card has some restrictions of use such as one cannot use it outside the United States.

The credit card is tempting for customers who have been rejected for other credit cards due to a high credit requirement. If you have decided to obtain the credit card the Total Visa Credit Card Review below is worth reading.

Total Visa Credit Card Rates and Fees

Annual Fees $75 for the first year and afterward $48 per year
Purchase APR Rate 29.0%
APR for Cash Advances 29.99%
Minimum Interest Charged Minimum $0.50
Processing Charges $89 which is for one time
Monthly Servicing Fee No fee for the first year then afterward $75 per year
Cash Advance Fee $0 for the first year and afterward $5.00 or 5% whichever is greater
Late Payment Charges $38
Returned Payment Fee As high as $38
Due Date 21 days after the end of each billing cycle

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