Birthday MY Offer with Confirmation Code | Apply for a U.S Bank Credit Card

Discovered the MY Offer with Confirmation Code? You can check whether you are pre-qualified for a credit card at the website of U.S Bank. The bank has introduced the pre-qualified offer scheme that lets the user check which credit card they qualify for. U.S Bank Pre-Qualified Offer is free to check and has no effect on your credit score. If you have received a pre-approved offer in your inbox then you must respond to the credit card offer in order to get your U.S Bank credit card instantly.

Accept MY Offer with Confirmation Code Information

  • To get started with the U.S Bank Respond to Pre-Approved Offer you need to open the URL
  • To go ahead with the pre-approved offer the user is required to enter the Confirmation Code and Zip Code.
  • The Confirmation Code can be found on the U.S Bank Pre-Approved Credit Card offer invitation you received in the mail.
  • Once you have entered the required data in the accept mail offer page you need to tap on the ‘Continue’ button below.

U.S Bank Pre-Approved Credit Card offer

Check If you are Prequalified for a U.S Bank Credit Card

What if you have not received the U.S Bank Pre-Approved Credit Card Offer? No need to worry as you can check whether you are eligible to obtain a credit card at the website of the bank.

Step 1– Go to the credit cards page ( of the U.S Bank and tap on the link that reads “See if I’m pre-qualified”.

Accept Usbank My Offer with Confirmation Code

Step 2– Now the bank will direct you to a new website that asks you the following information:

  • Complete Name
  • Address
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number
  • Email
  • Check a credit card feature which is most crucial to you

Step 3– Check the box below to accept the agreements and hit the ‘Find my Offer’ button.

Next U.S Bank will display the best credit card offers for you. If you are pre-qualified for an offer or wish to apply for a U.S Bank Credit Card then here is how you can.

What is the U.S Bank Pre-Approved Credit Card Offer?

The U.S Bank has introduced a pre-approved credit card offer that lets the customers get a credit card without an await.

Once you have provided your personal details at the pre-approval page the bank would have a glance at your credit score and then suggest a credit card for you. For an instance, if you have a good credit score you will receive MY Offer with Confirmation Code invitation of credit cards that require an excellent credit. Else you will be offered with credit cards that required an average credit for approval.

U.S Bank Credit Card Application

Step 1– For obtaining a U.S Bank Credit Card inside your wallet you need to open the application page ( of the bank.

Step 2– To begin with the application you need to enter your complete name, email address, and primary phone number.

Step 3– Click ‘Next’ and the bank will take you further with the next application steps. Fill in all the required customer information and at the end of the step, you will be displayed your application results.

Find the Best U.S Bank Credit Card for Yourself

Looking for a credit card that fits your needs is a great hassle these days. You need to figure out from each and every perspective and then decide whether the credit card is the right one. In order to find the perfect U.S Bank Credit Card, the customer is needed to open the website of the bank and use the ‘Recommend a Credit Card for me’ feature.

One can also scroll down at the credit cards page of the U.S Bank to find a list of credit cards. Read the feature of each and every credit card found at the webpage and decide which one is the best for you.

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