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You recently received your Walmart Credit Card and looking for the credit card activation process than you just found it here. There are lots of benefits which is provided to the customer and the customers who have this Walmart Credit Card will get even more benefits. Using this credit card customer get a discount on each shopping, cash back rewards points and so many other benefits. Read the post and follow the following steps as a mention.

Walmart Credit Card Login

Check out the below mention process for registration with a direct link.

Step1: first click on given link [] which takes you to the registration page.

How to Activate Walmart Money Card

Step 2: here you have to enter your card number and zip code.

Step 3: after entering the information click on the continue button.

Step 4: in the next step, follow the given instruction and enter your personal information and complete the process.

Step 5: after completing the process you will successfully register.


Walmart Credit Card Activation Guide

Select any one of the methods with which you are comfortable. There are two different methods, you can opt any of them.

  • Activate Credit Card through Online

Follow the below mention quick steps to activate your card.

Step 1: first you have to click here [] which directly redirect you to the official website.

Step 2: after you go to the official website and you have to enter the user id and password.

Step 3: now, fill up the details very carefully and press the secure login button.

Step 4: as you click on it the next page you have to enter your personal information and card number.

Step 5: next follow the instruction and complete the process successfully.

Step 6: at the last step, your card will be activated and you will receive a notification regarding your card activation.


  • Activation through phone

You have to use your registered mobile number to make a call at 1-877-362-5952

Step 1: first you have to select the language to start the further process.

Step 2: after this enter your card number and personal information carefully.

Step 3: now follow the instructions which given by the instructor and complete the process.

Step 4: now, as you complete the process your card will be activated.


Walmart Credit Card Customer Service

Call: 1-877-362-5952


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