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Are you looking for guidelines to the Cathay Pacific Online Check-In? If yes then you would surely have a great time looking at the guide here. At the Online Check-In Page of Cathay Pacific you can check the availability of a flight, book seats, select a seat while in the process and much more without paying any fee.

Cathay Pacific Airlines is a Hong Kong-based company offering services around the globe. The main hub is located in Hong Kong. Subsidiaries of the airline company specialize in offering cargo and scheduled passenger services.

The Cathay Pacific Online Check-In and Cathay Pacific Manage Booking portal are developed for the comfort of the passengers.  You can open the web portal of the airline company through any computer or mobile browser and enjoy getting your ticket details and other information online.

Cathay Pacific Online Check-In Guide

Step 1– If you wish to check into Cathay Pacific then you need to open the online check-in page of the Cathay Pacific.

Cathay Pacific Online Check In

Step 2– At the website, there will be the sign in section. Enter membership number or email and password to sign in and view online check-in information.

Step 3– Once the account management console loads there will be the ‘Check In’ section. Click on it and you will find the desired check-in details.

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How to Manage Cathay Pacific Booking

Step 1-If you wish to manage your Cathay Pacific booking then you can go to manage booking page [https://www.cathaypacific.com/mb/] or go to the homepage of Cathay Pacific and select the manage booking option.

How to Manage Cathay Pacific Booking

Step 2– For managing a booking you need to sign into your Cathay Pacific account. Once signed in you will be able to view the booking and all ticket information.


Can I Cancel my Booking Online?

This is one of the most searched queries on the internet! If you too are obsessed with this question then here is a detailed explanation for you.

If you have purchased your tickets from [cathaypacific.com] then you can cancel Cathay Pacific Booking Online.

Keep in mind that booking comes with a liberal fee. The customers can also get in touch with the Cathay Pacific agents nearby for support.



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