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H&R Emerald Card Activation procedure is necessary to let you get going with purchases. The Emerald Card is issued by the H&R Block. It is a prepaid debit MasterCard accepted at a wide range of destinations.

The H&R Block deposits the foreseen tax refund amount which is due to its clients. If you receive your Emerald Card in the H&R Block office, your card will be automatically activated for use once your tax refund apprehends is loaded on to it.

H&R Emerald Card Activation Overview

H&R Emerald Card Activation / H&R Block Emerald Card is available online at the website of www.hrblock.com. If you have the card you can activate it online or through the phone.

You can use any of the activation methods for the credit card as per your convenience and get going with the activation procedure.

Howbeit, if a user has received the card via mail, he/she needs to activate it through phone or any other available method.

How to Activate Emerald Card

Emerald Card Activation

  • Just received the Emerald Card via mail? It must be a jollity time. Yet you need to activate the card to go ahead with tax refunds and more. To get started open the website of H&R Block [www.hrblock.com].
  • Now you need to click open the ‘Emerald Card Services’ section.
  • There you will find the activation phone number. Call on 1-866-353-1266 and enter the information as requested by the IVR.
  • Confirm the Emerald Card Activation and you can use your card within a few minutes.


Emerald Card Activation Phone Number

As we have talked about the activation procedure above, the Emerald Card does not offer any online activation portal. Either your card gets activated at the H&R Office on receiving the anticipated refund amount or you need to activate it via phone.

Activating your Emerald Card through a phone is simple. The user just needs to dial 1-866-353-1266. Once the call is connected you need to provide the card details such as cardholder name, 3 digit pin, and cardholder name.

On activation, the system will send you a confirmation message.


Emerald Card Login Guide | H&R Block Emerald Card Login

If you have activated your Emerald Card and wish to manage account and view account details online you can log into your Emerald account.

Step 1– To log in you should go to the login homepage of the Emerald Card [www.hrblock.com/bank/lp/emeraldcard-login].

How to Activate Emerald Card

Step 2– Copy the URL into your web browser and a ‘sign in’ section will appear, as shown below.

Step 3– Enter the username and password and click on the green ‘Sign In’ button.

How to Reload Emerald Card

If you wish to reload your Emerald Card then you can visit any of the Walmart stores, Dollar General, or any other authorized locations. Furthermore, the user can also get the MyBlock mobile application to find an Emerald Card reload location nearby.


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